Private Signing Pavel Bure



Your Items:Prices CAD/USD
Cards (Trading cards)$89CDN/$67USD
Regular Items (Photos up to 16×20, McFarlane, pucks, etc)$99CDN/$75USD
Premium Items (oversized photos, jersey numbers, curve sticks etc.)$139CDN/$104USD
Premium Items (Jerseys)$230CDN/$180USD
Inscriptions (HOF 2012 Only)$30CDN/$23USD
PersonalizationsNOT AVAILABLE
Our Items:Prices CAD
Our Autographed 8X10 Photo (VAN, FLO, NYR, RUS )$109CDN
Our Autographed 16X20 Photo (Vancouver) $129CDN
Our Autographed Puck (VAN, NYR, USSR )$109CDN
Our Autographed Puck (100 NHL Anniversary, HHOF ) $150CDN
Our Autographed JerseyNOT AVAILABLE
Inscriptions (HOF 2012 Only)$30CDN
Personalizations NOT AVAILABLE

Prices are only guaranteed until the day of the signing.

We do not accept bulky, heavy, or oversized items. No books, no McFarlane in boxes!

Signing will take place in Moscow, Russia.

Inscriptions HHOF 2012 ONLY will be accepted

Other Inscriptions and personalizations are not available and not will be accepted

All orders must be received by Tuesday, May 14, 2024

If you have questions please contact us before sending your items

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Our goal is to get you the best possible autograph on your item. JLB Sports Rarities team takes care of all customer products however there is the possibility that items may get some wear during the signings event. This includes small creases or dings from being handled, the edges of posters may get wrinkled, common with any posters that are sent through the mail, and any other wear that can be expected with a private signing. We will not be held responsible for poor autographs as a result of photos being printed on poor paper. We will not give discounts for slight imperfections.

Please remember that each autograph is one-of-a-kind as it is hand-signed. Once the signing occurs and the athlete has signed your item, we will affix a hologram to the item and issue a certificate of authenticity to go with the piece. Each athlete reserves the right to refuse, change, or shorten personalizations or inscriptions. We cannot refund or discount orders due to changes made in an inscription or personalization by the athlete.

Shipping costs will be added to orders to be shipped back. US customers are responsible for all duties, taxes, and brokerage fees. Orders must be received by the date listed in the event details. Items received after the signing will be returned at the customer’s expense. Payment must be received by the cut-off date or the order may be canceled. Signing dates are based on the athletes’ schedules and are subject to change. In the case a player postpones, we will hold all items and orders until we are able to reschedule or contacted by the customer to send items back.

FOR CANADIAN CUSTOMERS: All prices are subject to applicable taxes.

FOR US AND INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS:: There is a fee to clear packages, as well as duty on any item made outside North America. The customer is fully responsible for any and all fees